The true cost of mobile gaming

See money like most things can be gained and lost but there are other costs that you can never recover. For me some of those costs were my marriage, time spent with my children or not spent for that matter, a few jobs, friends I have lost touch with in the real world and digital world, and even a very special real world relationship that I gave up because I didn’t care enough to put them first like I should have. … More The true cost of mobile gaming

Mobile Strike players buy shields now, gold shield purchases going away

I know this is a bold statement, but here is why.  Since the launch of Final Fantasy XV on mobile, Machine Zone has been slowly moving gameplay rules from FFXV to its other two big titles, Game of War, and Mobile Strike.  To buy shields in FFXV you need loyalty points, and they can only … More Mobile Strike players buy shields now, gold shield purchases going away

A Quick Survey

Please help us out with a study.  The following quiz is only three questions.  It is not timed, so please take a moment to understand the responses and questions for accurate results.  Thank you in advance.   Survey is closed but reactivated for review purposes.  Previously a survey taker was stopped from taking the survey … More A Quick Survey

EA Games Says Loot Boxes Not Gambling

Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, told investors a few days ago, “We’re working with all the industry associations globally and with regulators in various jurisdictions and territories. Many of whom we have been working with for some time and who have evaluated and established that programs FIFA Ultimate Team are not gambling.” It would … More EA Games Says Loot Boxes Not Gambling

Criminal Loaders

If you have played pay to win gaming for a time, you no doubt have heard of loaders.  Loaders that could get your packs and loot boxes at discounted prices.  They have been around for awhile.  While some use what is considered legal methods, others have been using fraud that hurt gamers and developers alike. … More Criminal Loaders