Pay To Win Manifesto for Fairer Mobile Gaming

The problem:

• There is a lack of regulation over the industry of mobile, multi-player gaming (e.g. over Facebook, Google Play and iTunes App Store)

• There is little consumer protection from fraud, false advertising, defective products, or manipulative marketing strategies

The impact:

• Companies market games as ‘free to play’ which then require multiple, expensive updates. Users are conned into downloading games and duped into a purchase cycle

• The marketing mechanism relies on proven gambling exploits to get people addicted and is financially and psychologically damaging

• Without regulation, there is no repercussion

The solution:

• Companies to be held accountable for false advertising

• Clear guidance on what is and is not acceptable practice

• Anti-gambling exploits to be put in place

• Rules on what can be considered ‘free to play’

• Routes for users to make complaints and be upheld and protected

The method:

• Lobby governments for the development of regulation

• Push for standards to be set and upheld

• Use social pressure to highlight the deficiencies

• Via regulation, force change with app providers and game designers and marketers