Child Gambling Warning

UPDATE 1/12/19: I went back to list games that where listed for kids to download and there are no longer any app or play store games listed.  The site still exists, as described, just app developers are no longer using kids to manipulate their download stats and reviews.  Thank you to my readers and followers for sharing and taking action.  Lets keep going and take these sites and mechanisms down completely.

What I discovered looking into the fraudulent practice of review manipulation disgusted me today. Kids being used to do the dirty work, and in one case being mandated to gamble before receiving their rewards after being monetized. All this to obtain a publicly traded currency, made in games for kids.

I noticed reviews stating they only did it for the robux. So I looked into this. It seemed off, my BS meter was in the red on this.

What I quickly learned about was a gaming setup called Roblox, for kids that used robux currency.

How to load Robux video

I learned next that the currency was open market. It is regularly transferred from cash, and back to cash by any number of third party apps or websites.

Knowing what I already know about gaming currency, this is a dangerous mix. So I searched on.

What I discovered was a site called

You have to be a member of their discord server and join their site to see it, so this was another red flag.

I dove in and discovered the site had lists of tasks for members to do. Some of these tasks where downloading apps, that I have been investigating, in order to receive points.

These points can be converted to robux, but not until you meet the terms. YOU MUST GAMBLE AT LEAST ONCE TO CONVERT POINTS TO ROBUX. The site has some basic gambling games for members to gamble their points.

This is what I found doing some quick research. Who knows how deep the rabbit hole goes.

This needs to stop!

My apologies to you the reader if this unpolished but waiting to put this out seemed to be wrong. Please do research further and do something more to stop this. Share it out, let lawmakers, regulators, and parents know.

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