Goodbye Game of War and Mobile Strike?

The last couple days of checking statuses of games has shone a degrading of Mobile Strike and Game of War – Fire Age in the App Store by Apple.

The first sign was an almost complete purge of reviews.  Tens of thousands of reviews are now gone leaving both games with a star rating below two stars.

The second sign indicating bad things for the games in the App Store was search ability.  A few minutes ago I could not longer bring up Game of War by simply typing in “game of war” in the App Store search.  To find the game now, I have to type the full game name “Game of War-Fire Age”

This “seems” a systematic thing, like when the games themselves pulled gold purchases and changed to a loyalty purchase system.

If you are spending on these games, you might want to pause to see what happens in the App Store over the next couple of days.  It might be nothing, but it sure doesn’t seem like it.



3 thoughts on “Goodbye Game of War and Mobile Strike?

  1. I have been playing Game of War for a couple of years now. This type of conspiracy theory has been passed around the community over and over again. Your “theory” is supported by weak evidence and shows a lack of actual research.
    You can keep passing this around and causing conspiracy theories to be passed around but people who have been in this community for any length of time know that’s exactly what this is.

  2. Maybe Apple finally got off their ass and removed all the obvious click farm/review mill submissions that’s propped the MZ scam apps up for the years they’ve been out. The rating shown now are reflecting where they truly always belonged if they had not been fraudulently manipulated in the first place. Hope they do it to the other MZ scam apps that have been equally propped up… let googles play store be the site for the fraudulent ratings to shine

  3. It’s no surprise that Cinder defends the game, she makes money by keeping players interest in the game. She runs the Game of War Real Tips website and line rooms. Ever wonder how come MZ has never asked them to stop using the name? Who pays Navi?

    I have played game of war for 4 years and the change in the game is extremely obvious. This can be seen from Super Wonders to KvK. The amount of players is only a fraction of what it used to be. Most releases cost upwards of $2,000 if you want it right away. New releases every day have efficiently killed the game.

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