Guns of Glory, Fake as

If you spend time on the net or play games with other ads featured in them, you might have seen the Guns of Glory ads.  They portray a battlefield of riflemen fighting in formations and waves.  Don’t believe anything you see.  The amount of deception coming out from the developer, Funplus, is ridiculous.

Let start with that little animation.  They portray combat animations as looking like this…

Now let’s look at what battles actually look like in the game…

The game battles are just like any other copycat huge multiplayer game out there.

Now on to the fake reviews.  I know the trick is proving that, so forgive the massive amount of screenshots.  The immense amount of fake reviews are best shown and understood if you flip through them.  Start looking through them, it’s clear and obvious.

Now here comes the important part.  You know, now do something about it.  Share this information. Share it with the media, share with lawmakers, share with the app store.  One angry person means nothing, but let’s  make this a movement.  Games have been pulling this crap over and over because we all keep waiting for somebody to do something.  Nobody can unless they know, and see that people care to make it stop.  I want fake reviews and game ads to stop.  Don’t you?

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