Excuse me boss….

A game just did the, “What where you thinking?”  Not sure if everybody was drunk chanting “Do it, do it, do it.”  Maybe there was somebody saying, “You know this is a really bad idea?”  But what ever the case, its laughable and despicable at the same time.

Before revealing the decision, let’s look at the climate the decision was made in for a quick second.

If you follow gaming, or even some news, you probably know that gaming is coming under fire for gambling mechanisms.  The biggest focus is the loot boxes, but don’t be fooled, there is more being looked at.  If you are a gaming executive, you should be very mindful of this.  Any developer is also in the know that Belgium has already threatened prosecution on loot box gambling in some games, and the Netherlands in a softer way, did the same.

Also of note, in the USA, their is small controversy over sports betting being legalized.  Some people welcome it, others are warning the at risk gamblers are more at risk now.

Well executives at Shenzhen Qianhai Leyi Netwwork Technologies apparently don’t care.  They are the developer of the MMO game “Blaze of Battle.”

BOB, as I will call Blaze of Battle for short here, launched an event.  In this event you can bet on the FIFA championships with your hard earned or bought gems.  It has a cool bet button, and odds to help you decide.  My guess is they pulled the odds from casino handicappers.

So now, BOB becomes a stronger case against the abusive use of gambling and gambling mechanisms in a game, and hangs it self out there, going “nya – nya – nya -nya -nya” to the regulators already pushing hard to prosecute developers for gambling in video games.  Way to go BOB!

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