EA Games Says Loot Boxes Not Gambling

Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, told investors a few days ago, “We’re working with all the industry associations globally and with regulators in various jurisdictions and territories. Many of whom we have been working with for some time and who have evaluated and established that programs FIFA Ultimate Team are not gambling.”

It would seem the CEO of EA Games would know a great deal about gambling.  I know this because of all the gambling, and gambling related patents EA owns.  Here are a just few.

Positive-return gambling

System and method for facilitating virtual item rewards based on a game of chance

Online gaming with prize incentives

The list goes on for a while.  Here is a simple search.  If you want to get creative dig further by inventor, and I am sure you will find more.

assignee:(Electronic Arts) gambling

 So the question is, do we believe the CEO, whose company is so well versed in gambling, that his games are not gambling?  Do we see all the patents and see what’s in the game developer’s mind and infer differently?

Personally, I would think a company with that many gambling patents is using them somewhere.


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