Criminal Loaders

If you have played pay to win gaming for a time, you no doubt have heard of loaders.  Loaders that could get your packs and loot boxes at discounted prices.  They have been around for awhile.  While some use what is considered legal methods, others have been using fraud that hurt gamers and developers alike.

This story is about loaders who use fraud, and covers how the fraud works.  I warn this is not a how-to.  The results as demonstrated below, have consequences.

Some players knew upfront about the fraud the loaders they employed use, others were new and unaware, not knowing the difference between criminal loaders and market loaders.  Judge carefully when a player says they used a loader.  Be sure they knew and now know the difference before condemning.

The difference between a criminal loader and market loader are being defined here as follows:

Criminal Loader

Uses stolen or fake credit card cards to pay a developer after receiving real world money from a player -or-

Uses an exploit or other means to obtain a refund from the developer after the developer was paid and delivered loot boxes and packs to the players.  The criminal loader keeps the players’ money and the refund.

Discounts offered to player usually at 50%

Market Loader

Uses fluctuations in currency values and market prices by country to make purchases on behalf of the player in a favorable country.  The developer gets the price offered in that country.  We are currently inquiring if this completely legal.  Will update if found not to be.

Uses bulk purchases of virtual currencies such as Amazon credits at a discount and uses the virtual currency obtained cheaper to purchase in game loot boxes and packs for the player.

Discounts offered to players usually 5-20% range

The consequences to the players and developers can be catastrophic.  In my last post a developer never addressed what they should have been monitoring as ongoing refund fraud, and suddenly banned any player ever receiving a refund for any reason at all.  The players no longer trust the developer, and the developer is continuing to lose money as players flee, and seek more refunds for accounts they can not access.  Developers are hurt and must be proactive.

Players risk a great amount.  As just stated, they can have their accounts banned.  They also risk personal property and identity fraud.  To work with a loader you have to give a loader your personal login credentials.

Market loaders run a risk of players being deceptive also.  Not a career to take light hearted and without thought.  We also live in a time where lawmakers are pounding the digital market with rules.  What was legal yesterday, might not be tomorrow.

Not sure of the platform like Google or Apple lose anything more than handling charge.

So who are the players, the loaders?  Lets highlight Phenoid:

That leads to this …..

That was just some of Phen’s unhappy customers.

To the players who knew the loader was charging back after each purchase, promoted their services for gain, or used their techniques to create game accounts for sale.  Read the following…. despises the tricks used in pay to win gaming to addict, but will never condone fraud or crime on the part of players or third parties.  Pay to win games need regulations to abate the addictive mechanisms and mis-advertising, but criminals also need to be held accountable.

8 thoughts on “Criminal Loaders

  1. It doesnt matter if market loading is legal or not. You break these games tos the moment someone other than you logs in ro your account. So you dont have a legal leg to stand on either way. Its a risk to use loaders. Everyone knows that. Legit or fraudulent ones

  2. And in my server someone was spamming server chat about half off packs for a few days and i kept ppsting right after it was a scam. No country gets full packs so low that a loader can make money doing half off. They dont do it for game charity lol

  3. Dude im just gonna lay it out there. Altho i think theyre scum for the way they trigger addictions, controlling it is on you. Like with everything else in life. You have to make the CHOICE not to play those types of games unless you can afford to spend like you KNOW youll need to. Why should the devs change their money making opportunities? You know what theyre doing. So make a choice to play other games

    1. That comment implies everyone already knows any particular game is a bait and switch scam before they download or make an in app purchase in good faith; and that’s patently false. I would opine most people DON’T KNOW and only learn after they have been ripped off. Is it their CHOICE to continue on after they have been ripped off? Yes, but fact is they should not have been ripped off in the first place.

      People in general are not opposed to spending money on a quality game to reward the developers for their efforts, but what’s happening with an ever increasing amount of developers is they are designing their games as shady bait and switch and outright misrepresentation scams for the monetization method. These developers have no desire to produce and maintain a reliable and stable product nor provide customer service to those who give them money expecting they are going to receive a certain something and don’t, and that would include a reliable and stable gaming experience. It’s not a persons CHOICE that the game isn’t stable or reliable because the developer doesn’t invest in quality coding, infrastructure or back end systems, it’s not a persons CHOICE that a game glitch or instability was the cause of them losing something they paid real money and time for and because the developer doesn’t invest in adaquate customer service and processes the customer doesn’t get satisfactory resolution. It’s only their CHOICE to continue patronizing any developer that has ripped them off already. Sadly too many do.

      These developers have for far to long enjoyed exemptions from accountability to consumers that most other businesses have to abide by, and frankly I lay much of the blame on the app stores of Google and Apple for not even remotely trying to enforce their own TOS on developers that require adaquate customer service and reliable and stable apps. Of course, it’s not in Apple or Google’s best interest to enforce because they are getting upwards of 30% off the top of each IAP. To compound the problem the consumer review and app stores measurement system for apps that people rely upon to make informed decisions about how an app or developer is, is manipulated to high hell by the shady developers themselves through the use of click farms, review mills, etc… so at the end of the day a truly crap app that is a scam is made to look like it’s not. So most people don’t know, like you are suggesting they do.

      1. Dude its not their fault those few people didnt read the tos. And its a few. Most people that have used loaders know the deal. This is just a bunch of people crying they got CAUGHT.

      2. And those so called glitches are a fallacy. They just don’t really happen. It’s all Bs

      3. Google and apple are payment methods. Nothing more. They have no interactions with apps. They take money then give money

  4. It’s hard to feel sorry for anyone involved really. The developers that run these types of scams deserves no sympathy at all, they peddle virtual crap that is misrepresented and the complaints they don’t even correctly deliver what they do sell are endless, and to boot the virtual stuff you are paying them for is tangibly valued at $0.00 by their own TOS. And to top it all off they have no customer service if you have problems with or getting what you paid for to the scam through the method they set up. e.g. the in-game stores. How many clues does someone need before they realize they are being exploited by a group of shysters? The loaders would not have a market for their craft if more people realized they were actually being scammed no matter what or how they obtained the virtual items; they can lose full whack to the scams by going through the in-game stores or they could lose less to the scam by using a discount broker… but at the end of the day they are still losing to the scam no matter the amount they pay for the worthless virtual items. The loaders themselves are just filling a void in the developers scam because the developers themselves were too lazy to shady to impliment robust and reliable back end systems and a reasonable monetization method for their games. Instead they are about the get rich quick aspect, could care less about the paying customer, and most don’t do much about the loaders because they are still getting paid something for nothing… the loader finding a way to get a refund is just a scammer scamming another scammer.

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