Pirates Stolen: Family Broken

It is the people within a cyber social game that addicts the player. In every instance of this type of game addiction the families created online are the ties that bind us together. In most player’s mind these fellow players are real friends. The loss of access to the game causes very deep emotional losses.

Losses are felt by both those who are banned and those who risk being banned in future for exercising their legitimate rights to bypass a refusal by JoyCity–for a legitimate refund with their new no refund policy–to escalate their claim through their game store. Will this game survive?

Irregardless; all players are touched by the refund scandal! Those who have had no refunds and have not ever utilized loaders suffer the same sense of family loss and lack of trust in the game’s future.

There are many varied facets of game addiction and all are utilized to their fullest extent by both the game and the game stores in a quest for the almighty dollar. I suppose money has long been the root of all evil! But herein lies repercussions–we lose contact with many dear people in the process. Matey, this truly shivers me timbers!

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