Is It Free-to-Play, Pay-to-Play or Pay-to-Play Daily?

My husband and I started playing GOW over four years ago. During the first year, it was challenging as no one wanted to take players under one million power. Lol, Yes, back then it was harder to get an account to stronghold (SH) 21. Now GOW has SH 1140 as of April 21, 2018. We bought packs to build our account up starting with a $5, then a $10, then a $20, then a $50, and then the only option MZ offered at that time was a $99. It took us a while to find an alliance that we enjoyed being in. We began spending more and more to be competitive and help our teammates grow in the game. We were never in the category of elite spenders; however, we were spending between $400 and $600 a month. Let’s do the math. That adds up to between $14,400 and $21,000 over the three year period. My account is currently a level 30 SH. Yeah, this was truly eye opening.

I quickly became the alliance bookworm because I loved how you could set up your account for different types of play – fighters, traps, monster slayers, and farmers. We started weekly training in our group. We’d invite guest speakers from other well known alliances to share their knowledge, and I would share any information I could get my hands on to help our alliance members grow. We helped smaller members by organizing a group who would donate items smaller players needed to upgrade their hall of war, prison, and alter. This was the enjoyable time in the game. We valued every player in the game no matter their size and treated the members of our team like a second family.

May 19, 2017, we started a 30 day no buying MZ protest. The goal at that time was to not spend for 30 day’s and present our issues to MZ for corrective action. Basically, we wanted a game that was playable for both spenders and non-spenders. With the speed of new releases, everyone had to spend hundreds a month to keep their account viable as a fighter who could join rallies and the requirements for maintaining a rally lead was close to $1,000 per month.

Players who download the game on the premise that it is a free to play game don’t have an option to be a fighter without spending. I asked MZ several times, how they expect free to play members to participate and grow. I always received the same automated answer – “Items needed can be obtained by hitting events and slaying monsters.” Is that a joke? I believe recent email notifications have changed to indicate if you want it, you must buy it. Warning – If you plan on not spending on this game, you can plan on staying behind a shield and getting very little enjoyment as your chances for a viable war account are zero. As I have stated, I’ve spent thousands and, I can’t even kill a monster with 30 account.

My suggestion to anyone thinking of downloading any of pay-to-play games is — Understand the sunk cost principle applies, set a budget for your in game purchases and stick to it, and understand the terms of service (TOS) of the game your playing. Your accounts are not investments and are not property that you own. Take note of the excitement that you feel with each purchase and the let down you feel once you realize you have to spend more and more to be active. Be careful of loaders who offer 1/2 priced options. Some of their tactics include paying full price for the pack and then going back to Google Play or Apple iTunes and requesting refunds. The results when the developer gets fed up are suspension of your account. Yes, four years ago we made a choice to spend and build our account.

For three years, I enjoyed the excitement, the friends I made, and the thrill of the kills. After taking that break for 30 day’s, doing the math on our combined spending, and understanding that our spending was out of control, the choice was easy. We chose not to flush our money down MZ’s proverbial toilet.

As we speak out against unfair gaming practices, our legislative representatives hear us. Please take the time to share your story, state the issues you want our government officials to address, post comments to this site, share screen shots of examples showcasing the unfair practices you witness, and let your voice be heard. One person alone cannot make a difference; however, together we can and we will make a difference.

8 thoughts on “Is It Free-to-Play, Pay-to-Play or Pay-to-Play Daily?

  1. Game of War is not a Free to Play game as one cannot ‘play’ unless they pay! A game needs to be competitive to warrant such a title.

    As you have stated Ice, your spend is several thousands ofdollars and now find yourself unable to play.

    So Game of War is not even a game if you do pay! The headline should read:
    Pay to play for a limited period…until we introduce another upgrade! Keep on paying regularly and you can keep on playing regularly!

    1. So even though i agree mz are addict predators you want them to change their business model cuz you cant play and control yourself? Everyone knows the deal with those games now especially ones tied to that shit bag company. But if youre in their shoes and making millions why would you change cuz people cant mobe onto other games or control themselves? They want whales. Always have. Never cared for moderate to non spenders. Never hid it either

      1. Their (MZ) business model isn’t anything more than running a bait and switch scam. I will give you the self control point, but that is nothing more than manipulation based on the research done by B.F. Skinner with lab rats back in the 30’s. If all they wanted where whales they failed in that too… want to have a comparison? Then look at the supercell titles that came out around the same time GoW did or again when MS did… the MZ titles have dwindled to irrelevance where the supercell titles are still rocking the charts and raking in millions a month… Who has the spenders, and long term ones at that?? The ones who setup scam apps like MZ and others aren’t attracting whales, they are exploiting people based on misrepresenting what they are selling… unfortunately as you point out, self control does play into it

      2. Hank you for your feedback. I think I have learned that over the past year they didn’t change. My goal is to educate players. MZ are not the worst predators in the gaming industry. I did move on and took the money I was spending to buy a new truck and the time I wasted in playing into remodeling a home. With all thinks we label addicting, they are not so bad in moderation. Just make sure you make informed decisions before you pay-to-play.

  2. Great article!! I also have stopped playing .. I to have spent £1000’s over the 4-6 years i played. But you cannot compete anymore unless you have super mega deep pockets.

    The Game should be titled. Rich players only please!

    I got to know people around the world. Made some great friends. Like you we helped one another became a excellent team. We worked and played hard to be in the top 10. Size was never an exclusion just activity in the team. Spending was never a must. We’d try and help everyone grow. Share tip and tricks etc

    It’s wrong what they have done to the game… so much money wasted on a game I can no longer play. 😢

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