Could it be MZ is Using Machine Learning AI to Improve Pay to win Concept? We think Yes


So, I’m a CDL-A driver who only drives locally, for a Landscape construction company. Meaning i only drive a semi hauling equipment and materials during the warm months, and switch to a measly 12 ton dump truck full of salt in the winter – when it snows. That’s how i got into playing Mobile Strike. No snow. For weeks. So, of coarse I got bored, and saw the commercial with ‘AHHNOLD’ 2 years later, many thousands of my hard earned dollars poorer, and I’m no longer playing ANY of Machine Zones games. Tick toc, tic toc, lots and lots of free time. Games you say. ha ha ohh no, I learned my lesson. Blogging, Searching the web for more information, reading articles, posting some to other forums, chatting on gamer sites of others who are doing the same.
You might assume that I’m a big dumb lunk head who is only a perfect example of – NOT YOU.
ok. That will be determined. One of the chat channels I subscribe to, posted a comment. Not too many people subscribe to his channel because of his attitude about anyone who ever played GOW, and Mobile Strike.
Every once in awhile he posts some interesting links, and I’ve forwarded a few to other channels.
His comment today was about Lit Tokens. Picture me saying, Huh?
So I googled it. Found several links, but the one I found on YOU-TUBE scares me.


My summary.
Machine Zone CEO Gabe Leydon, introduces his companies AI internet search and save engine, that he claims can crunch the entire internet in microseconds, and would allow internet users to interface with a bot that would screen data from across the internet to your specific needs. Sounds great? Right? Remember my google search on the subject?
Several companies are already signing up.
Who decides what the bot will and WILL NOT show you, while collecting every scrap of information already available out on the web now, and what you yourself add to the ‘personalization’ of your new profile?
Understand this is only my opinion, and I’m not especially technically savvy, but I know what Google does, The information Facebook collects, as well as Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, and a host of other social media apps.
Now imagine that one system has access to all of it, and can comb through any and all data on ANY subject in a second.
Go ahead….Imagine the owner of that system is The CEO of Machine Zone.
Maybe my imagination is too tainted by my past association with the games created by this company.
Feel free to tell me I’m nuts, and something like this would never be the single AI engine running all of the internet in a few years. ——————————————
Thank you, P2W Staff


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Credits to Kubo Tazz



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