Writers wanted

We are looking for writers to post their experience with pay-to-win gaming.

I have spent months in chat rooms hearing personal stories from players about how much they spent, and how they felt regretful and even conned into spending on P2W games.  We need to bring these stories to the public and lawmakers so they can know your pain.  In a chat room it is an echo chamber and even a support group, but please have the courage to put it out there, for the world.

It takes courage to put it out there.  Nobody and I mean nobody wants to say they fell for something.  I am asking a great deal, I know that.  It needs to be done.  Let people know.  Put up the warning sign, don’t go that way, DANGER, CAUTION, WARNING.  We are human and learn from our mistakes, but we are also capable of teaching others.

When teaching our children the things not to do, we often relay personal stories.  Many times the stories end with “it took awhile to recover” but I did, and I don’t want you to feel that same pain I did.  We hope our children will not make the same mistakes we did.  There is no guarantee, but we do it anyway.  We do it in hope that they will listen.  When warning people, its a game of odds.  When you write a blog post here, it has the chance to reach many people.  Many will not listen, but many will.  But for those that do, it is worth it.

Thank You