Hawaiian Representative Chris Lee

Hawaiian Representative Chis Lee

Hawaiian Representative Chris Lee has taken up the fight against loot boxes.  This is part and parcel of the pay-to-win monetization model.  Pay-to-win games more often than not rely on the skinner box psychology to hook players, and create purchases.  The randomness of outcome is a major psychological driver in creating addictions and compulsions without chemicals.  This is a major element of gambling addiction and gaming addiction.

He has taken on the lobbyist from ESRB in a public forum and spoke out on encouraging people to get involved.  We support his efforts, and also support his call for people to get involved.  Representative Lee has posted several videos on this subject and I encourage visiting his YouTube account, watching, sharing and supporting his efforts.

He was empowered by player outrage over Battlefront loot boxes that were very publicly condemned by pc gamers and console gamers alike.  Please support our effort, also, in giving mobile gamers a voice.  Speak up, share your outrage and story outside private chatroom and closed audience apps.  Mobile gamers are targeted and abused because they keep silent, at least to the world outside their circles.


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