Mobile Strike and Game of War Rebooted

This is more of an interest piece for the curious. There are Game of War and Mobile Strike new versions not accessible to veteran players.
If you are a veteran player and want to play the new version, you need a device that has never downloaded the game before. The app will play the game differently based on that.
This is no way a shout out to restart, I encountered bugs just as before, this is for curiosity only. The new version stops at around SH or Base 24. Only a few packs exist. You cannot create a name already being used in the veteran version, and you can not contact a veteran player from within the reboot version. It runs off of the same app, and apparently the same player database. They just isolate players from a view of each other. Guess this means any veteran player inviting a new friend to play, won’t be able to play together.
Below are screenshots from the reboot version of the game.  Mobile Strike appears the same.  It appears they did Mobile Strike first as there is a special state for a contest, while in the Game of War version, no other kingdoms exist.

Two possible theories for this;

 1) The games dramatic drop in downloads and income is forcing some desperate moves to keep the game money flowing.

 2) As MZ keeps pushing their SATORI platform, this is a test of SATORI running separate gaming models on the same application