Game of Kings, Another game taking a dark path

Game of Kings recently posted in its in game blog a contest to get players to rate the game 5 stars and provide great reviews.  They are giving all players prizes if reviews increase, and a best liked review bonus to the top review itself.

Speaking plainly, paying for ratings or reviews of a product is fraud. So what is Game of Kings?  Game of Kings is a re-skin of Game of War, but maxing levels at a point Game of War stopped at a year or so ago.  With very very few differences, it is exactly the same game.  So close that it has gamers from Game of War downloading it in droves. The game asks players to go to their facebook page and increase the star reviews and write a positive review.  This is not an honest attempt at feedback, but rather an attempt to spam Facebook with paid reviews, that point to a download the game button at the top of their page.

Here are some useful links to report this to:


Click here for quiz

2 thoughts on “Game of Kings, Another game taking a dark path

  1. The UK ASA replied back, please follow-up as they instructed…

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Buying favourable reviews without clearly disclosing that they have been paid for is breaking the Consumer Protection Law. It is best to pass on this complaint directly to the Competitions and Markets Authority as they are the body that is in charge of regulating this area.

    I hope this has been useful.

    Kind regards,

    The ASA.

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