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Disclaimer: This does mention the one alliance and Ctesse but I am not targeting them, they aren’t the cause of what has happened, MZ enable this kind of stuff. Also, this is entirely subjective.

Statement regarding MZ’s Super Combat Research: MZ released the Super Combat tree on Tuesday, October 24th, 2017 which is a boosts tree for your troops and defense. They are getting worse over time upon release by release but this time is a horrific bad strategy. Usually, anything Combat-related would have troops. They can release T21. But here the thing, they didn’t and made it focused on the wonder forest which is useless except for having monsters. People who spend would finish this research anyway and they will spend because they are addicted to the game. They are addicted to staying in for their friends that they want to be with until the end. Regardless if they had troops in the Research or not. It would have made more sense to have super troops.

Statement regarding MZ’s mega alliance feature: MZ has released the mega alliance feature on Friday, October 26th, 2017. It allows multiple alliances to merge together to create a mega alliance. It does have research that would increase the number of troops in rallies among other things but that means one person in the alliance have to take the burden and buy a pack just to make the mega alliance worth it.

But regardless of how hard we worked over the years, it wasn’t worth it. We made alliance cities and were promised alliance city wars but that never came to the light of day. But when they released the Gilded Dungeon which did suck a lot, I thought there was a little hope at the end of the rainbow with alliance city wars at least coming but it would be released in a bad way that nobody cared about. They also made mini sections of this research which is a mistake as gowcraft will post the rss and speed up amounts in like hours to days.

But this mega alliance feature kills all hope for alliance city wars. We spent months since the alliance city was released in December of 2014 and got updates that add to it by June of 2015 but they didn’t release it later. I would of expect maybe after a year but they don’t care about the players in this game. We were telling everyone that it is coming and we need to prepare but it never happened.

All MZ wants to do is see how many active alliances are left and makes merges easier and encourage them to create it. They want to merge all the kingdoms together. They did one in June of this year and then in July/August. They clearly have intentions to eliminate servers as they are losing money fast with all of the releases like having four new research trees in one week. They will probably do another merge soon enough in like 2-3 months.

Statement regarding MZ’s Hallowed DBC: MZ released Hallowed DBC on Monday, October 30th, 2017. It was basically an upgraded version of Ultra DBC but they had to have “Hallowed” in it. So was this DBC a one-time thing for Halloween or is it permanent? Sure it hasn’t come out up again on any packs but this “Hallowed” name will probably have “Hallowed” troops at like T50 or next year at T100. You get a small benefit like more gold every day but that doesn’t make it a worthy release as making it seems better. It isn’t good to buy it in the first place since it is pointless. What next Christmas DBC?

Statement regarding MZ’s Ironsmith Research: MZ released the Ironsmith research tree on Monday, October 16th, 2017. A research tree that got me confused when it came out. Is this related to the forge? Maybe the gear workshop? Nope, it was just another boost tree for random things. Now they are sometimes putting random stuff in there just to increase the numbers which are also ridiculous. No crafting really involved with this set as it is obsolete as MZ let you buy the whole set from the packs. People loved getting the materials as there was something to do but it did take a long time to get even level 4 materials but at least there was something to do.

Ironsmith is like Conqueror and other ones before and after that provided nothing really new or progressing to this game. But nothing is really progressive in this game, I’m still waiting for VIP to have troop presets where you can train multiple types of troops at once but they may never do that either. Broken promises, broken games, corrupt MZ.

Statement Regarding MZ’s Champion Research: MZ released the Champion research tree on Thursday, October 19th, 2017. This research is pointless as it is just another boost tree. Sure it is for the Contest of Champions but Ctesse is going to win that anyway. She already has 2 kingdoms in her name and her alliance’s name. But this isn’t her fault as MZ will always have a top, supreme player in the games they own. Ctesse does get tired of it like she did when nobody came up to fight at the super wonder and then it got delayed. Timing seems odd to do this, maybe MZ tried to create another super wonder to grab people to battle Ctesse and make more money.

But if there research for this then why make it since there is no super wonder research. Ctesse is already the top if she wins the super wonder so she is just going to be the next Napoleon of Game of War. Conquering countries and kingdoms like the Mega Wonder, Super Wonder, and the Kingdom of Champions. But MZ made her be the next Napoleon. There will be no Ctesse wars to stop it from Ctesse but against a higher power that is letting the game go on and that is MZ. They can’t just make a higher title like Champion when Ctesse was Emperor.

The Mega Wonder is also pretty stupid as it is the mega alliance wonder which Ctesse won pretty easily but they made a few rounds and they did that for Kingdom of Champions but they don’t need to hold these contests every day when there some special holiday or something. Just do it like you did once a month with the super wonder like you did before.

But they made it worse on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2017. They released Legendary Champion research. Why? This is even more pointless and is further Ctesse to stay in power. Another boosts tree but it still is trying to have you go challenge and be beaten to death by the ONE alliance and her allies. And why did they separate into littler mini sections of the actual research? It is taking up unneeded space and should all be combined together even if you can’t view the whole tree, they won’t do it for every research and there will always be people who are recording the rss and speed up amounts. What is next? Super Champion? Mega Ironsmith?

They will eventually go to some new adjective to keep going and make more money off of this cash cow. But MZ is letting Ctesse and her millionaire elite to spend more money. But MZ will fall deeper than it ever has before.

Statement Regarding MZ’s Athena’ Acclaim Research and other Athena related things: MZ released the Athena’ Acclaim research tree on Thursday, November 9th, 2017. This contains T22-T24 troops and boosts that come along with this one. It is outrageous that they have come this far in their troops. But they should I called this something with “Combat” but they didn’t this time because it was Athena’s birthday. But I haven’t heard about this last year, wouldn’t they do this every year? No, they got nothing to do so they did this to bring more revenue and players into the game to spend.

This could be the final troops’ research as it is “Acclaim” but it probably won’t be the case like T5 troops were going to be the last one. I got so confused when they said “Athena’ Acclaim”. I thought it could have been another milestone tree or just a boost tree.

Speaking of Milestone research, they released another one called Athena’s Rewards on Friday, November 3rd, 2017. Why couldn’t they just released an extension of milestone research just to not waste a block of space in the academy and creating another dumb name for something that maybe could confuse people? You shouldn’t have to look into the research as it loads and could potentially crash soon after just to see what is the research which used T4 and T5 resources. They really thought they could gain more money with their brand, Athena. Also, the research is above economics, shouldn’t it be at the bottom or are they trying to get people to buy packs? They shouldn’t have released this research anyways even as another extension of milestone tree but if they were really that addicted then they could have made it better.

But they also keep having Wonder events like Contest of Champions and Mega Wonder. And those who win which is Ctesse can go to the Kingdom of Radiance to have no speeds for research and limited rss reduction. That is just the research trove we got from earlier in the year but they are trying to bring it back at a much worse time. They also had to create Athena DBC which is worst than Hallowed DBC as now they will put anything to get “this is better than the previously DBC”. But it isn’t better by a lot.

Athena is a adjective now and they are going to eventually not use proper grammar as there from a foreign land which is MZ. They also released Athena Banners and Runes like they did with Halloween. Athena is not an official holiday in the U.S. or anywhere in the world but MZ would certainly love to do that. What is next? Athena Troops? Ctesse Banners?

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