Game of War Tier Names

GOW Tier Names

Troops Tiers Names

T1 – N/A

T2 – N/A

T3 – N/A

T4 – N/A

T5 – Fire Troops or Elite Troops

T6 – Water Troops or Ultimate Troops

T7 – Lightning Troops or Supreme Troops

T8 – Wind Troops or Mythical Troops

T9 – Divine Troops

T10 – Prime Troops

T11 – Ruthless Troops

T12 – Glorious Troops

T13 – Exalted Troops

T14 – Ascendant Troops

T15 – Radiant Troops

T16 – Ornate Troops

T17 – Gilded Troops

T18 – Transcendent Troops

T19 – Imperial Troops

T20 – Ultra Troops

T21 – Nightfall Troops

T22 – Audacious Troops

T23 – Admirable Troops

T24 – Astonishing Troops

T25 – Merciless Troops

T26 – Valiant Troops

T27 – Noble Troops

T28 – Spectral Troops

T29 – Guileful Troops

T30 – Gutsy Troops

T31 – Gallant Troops

T32 – Vehement Troops

T33 – Vicious Troops

T34 – Virtuous Troops

T35 – Militant Troops

T36 – Malicious Troops

T37 – Masterful Troops

T38 – Dynamic Troops

T39 – Dauntless Troops

T40 – Daredevil Troops

T41 – Royal Troops

T42 – Dynasty Troops

T43 – Majestic Troops

T44 – Electrifying Troops

T45 – Regal Troops

T46 – Marvelous Troops

T47 – Prestigious Troops

T48 – Honorable Troops

T49 – Superior Troops

T50 – Paramount Troops

T51 – Magnificent Troops

T52 – Stellar Troops

(“Hallowed” Troops could eventually be used as a name for the new troops. Most likely by Halloween next year if the game can go on long enough)

(MZ also sells the claim “Normal Troops” as this is the base troops everyone should have like for example “T16 Normal Troops”)

Mythical Troops

T1 – N/A

T2 – N/A

T3 – N/A

T4 – N/A

(There is no definitive way to figure this out as people have different explanations so it will be up to the current amount on this list. Some people count regular troops, strategic troops, and wild troops but some people have other ways to categorize it.)

(They may not be any tiers at all but who knows.)


(May have a tier in the future.)

Hero Names

1st – N/A

2nd – Legendary

3rd – Awakened

4th – Glorious

5th – Mighty

6th – Valiant

7th – Grand Gladiator

8th – Mystic

9th – Eventide

10th – Spartan

Speedups Names

T1 – Speedups

T2 – Supreme Speedups (T7): Refer to Troops Naming

T3 – Ultimate Speedups (T6): Refer to Troops Naming

T4 – Acclaim Speedups

T5 – Incredible Speedups

T6 – Mythical Speedups

T7 – Demigod Speedups

(There is Rewards Speedups for the Athena’s Rewards tree but they never released the speedups in any packs so it won’t be put on this tier list.)

(Rewards Speedups are in Athena’s gifts sometimes but they aren’t really that important to the overall evolution of speedups.)

(Mythical and Demigod Speedups could maybe not be T6 and T7 speedups but there isn’t any confirmation on that.)

Resources Names

(In format of food, wood, stone, ore, sliver)

T1 – Food, Wood, Stone, Ore, Sliver

T2 – Cane, Olives, Enamel, Salt, Bonds

T3 – Cheese, Maple Wood, Limestone, Coal, Capital

T4 – Soy, Pinewood, Lavastone, Magnatite, Cowry

T5 – Caviar, Spruce, Cobblestone, Gypsum, Proof Coin

Mythical Resources

(In format of wood, stone, ore, sliver)

T1 – Mythical Wood Mythical Stone, Mythical Ore, Mythical Sliver

T1 (Food) – Minotaur Food, Odin Food, Dragon Food, Double-Dragon Food, Cerberus Food, Phoenix Food

T2 – Heroic Mythical Food, Super Heroic Mythical Food, Divine Mythical Food, Super Divine Mythical Food, Wondrous Mythical Food, Super Wondrous Mythical Food, Mythical Sprit Food, Mythical Horror Food

(“Mythical” is also reminiscent of T8 troops which were called “Mythical Troops”)

Demigod Resources

(In format of food, wood, stone, ore, sliver)

T1 – Food, Wood, Stone, Ore, Sliver

VIP Names


Super VIP

DBC Names


Super DBC

Ultimate DBC

Ultra DBC

Hallowed DBC

Athena DBC

Spectral DBC

Virtuous DBC

Marvelous DBC

Kill DBC

(Doing DBC after Troops names shows that they are getting lazier and will go to extreme lengths to create a better DBC.)

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