Pirates of the Caribbean

Many players I have played Game of War and Mobile Strike with have been looking for a new game to go to.  They want the same type of game play without the poor customer service, and pure pay to win model that they have encountered with MZ games.

An alternative I came across is Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean mobile game.  It offers and alliance structure and game play similar to MZ games without the need to pay to advance.

In Pirates you still build a base and have a Pirate (hero) and even monsters to attack.  In fact the basic mechanics are all about the same.  Their are of course some differences requiring some learning, but not so much an avid MZ gamer can’t easily figure out.

What makes the game differ is that all but VIP points are attainable through game play.  That’s right, every item needed to upgrade you can get simply by playing the game.

Another difference is defined limits.  In GOW or MS you can have unlimited troops and rss.  In Pirates, you are level limited to how many ships, pirated and rss you have.  This definitely eases the need to buy to be more powerful than the other guy who just bought way more troops than you.

And yet another difference, if you attack somebody too many levels below your level, you are penalized.  Don’t get me wrong, there are still maxed players that don’t care so much.  But in time, theoretically, anybody can obtain max level simply by playing the game.

I don’t recommend this type of game to people who have not already gone down the Skinner box path and been raped for thousands.  This is still a Skinner box, but a .5 on a 1-10 scale of rape you, vs MZ at a 20 on the same 1-10 scale.

Also worth noting is you can get additional gold by watching ads.  This gives Pirates an income outside of players purchasing packs.  Something I hope succeeds.

These are only my opinions, I welcome comments.


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