Final Fantasy Click Farmed (updated)

I heard accusations that Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire was being click farmed but asked for proof, rather than the numbers just don’t make sense.  Finally decided to look for it myself.  Took ten minutes from start to finish to prove it.

Click farming is paying for ratings.  It employs using people to create multiple accounts and post 5 star reviews.  The IOS APP store is currently being manipulated by this technique.

Click Farming Defined on Wikipedia

So are MZ, their affiliates, or somebody else manipulating for financial gain? Only an investigation can prove who it is.

Thank you matthewcurtis, our new friend and lazy click farm monkey for being sloppy about it.  Look at the screen shots to see how many times his name appears.


And all this, just might explain their new Ad.  Poor ratings are coming in, deploy your defenses (click farming)!  Seems their own marketing department has a sense of humor about their own illegal activities.


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