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I have been playing GOW for 4 years. I have had many accounts and been in many kingdoms. At the start the game was fun and very addictive, trying to reach SH 21 and have an army of T4 and all the best gear. Back when GOW first started you could only buy Gold but then MZ started adding items to the packs. New releases were probably every 2 – 3 months which gave you more time to build the account. At the beginning full packs on Google Play were £69.99.

Over time the content of packs was increased and the price also increased, just a few weeks ago and for quite some time the full packs on Google Play were £91.99. The new releases became more frequent moving to maybe 1 a month to 1 a week and nowadays it’s everyday and sometimes 2 or 3 a day.

The breaking point for me was when MZ released SH 40, VIP 65 & Hero above 110 without advertising it in the blog and without releasing the relevant packs in the store to let you know upgrades were released and the capabilities of those upgrades. Following a KE event a few players purchased these upgrades at a dramatic cost and subsequently set out on a rampage to zero as many players as possible whilst it was not realised what had happened. This was a major fundamental change in the game and MZ broke the law by not announcing these changes to the consumers.

Throughout the time I have been playing the game the advertisement for the packs has always had a little twist and you never get what you pay for. MZ engage in false and misleading advertising to draw you in to buy the packs.

Over the years myself and family members who have also run several accounts have spent tens of thousands of pounds on the game. It is not ‘Free to Play’ at all because if you don’t spend money all you get to do is sheild and watch everyone else play. MZ are breaking consumer laws everyday and it would appear that Google Play and Amazon are supporting them.

When the fundamental change took place the cost to upgrade In order to be able to physically play the game was thousands of pounds. This is not possible for the average working class person. I mailed both Google Play and Amazon and told them the whole truth of the situation and asked for a refund for a 3 month period leading up to this fundamental change and MZ ridiculous daily releases. I stated that MZ had broken Consumer Laws with their actions and had also deactivated the ‘contact us’ facility in game. The only responses I got from them was to contact MZ as they were unable to refund any purchases. I even quoted to Google Play that their developer agreement gave them authorision to refund in certain circumstances, the response I received was that this situation did not fit the criteria for a refund and to contact MZ, which I did. All I got from them is that they have a strict no refund policy. This was after several mails with their ridiculous contradictory cut and paste reponses that were not relevant to the complaint. I experienced this strategy from MZ on many occaisions with many complaints that I had made about missing items and game functionality. A few months ago all my speed ups just vanished from my inventory. When i contacted MZ they said i had used them to promote troops which i hadn’t. On another occaision I was woken in the middle of the night by the save my ass team as i was being rallied. I logged in and sheilded with a 30 day shield, 4 hours later I was woken again as I was being rallied again and again I sheilded. I constantly complained to MZ to try and get my troops reimbursed to rectify the situation. I had no response for 7 days and when I did get a response they just explained activities that would cause a shield to cancel. I sent screen shots of all my reports and everything and they done nothing.

Due to my experiences with MZ, Google and Amazon I will not engage in another game like Game of War and I would advise anyone to steer clear of Machine Zone and any games they may be involved in.  They are just a bunch of crooks. I would also consider carefully before making any digital purchases via Google Play and Amazon. I cannot comment on Itunes as I have never used them.

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  1. Amazon and Google are still supporting them I have asked for refunds to and have gotten nowhere mz is a very shady company and very misleading everyone who has wasted there time and money should be repaid

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