Machine Zone – Fraudulent, Misleading, and Deceptive 

This is my story about the most deceptive, misleading, and fraudulent company in the history of mobile gaming. 

Machine Zone is the Developer of three mobile games (Game of War, Mobile Strike, Final Fantasy), that are in platforms such as Amazon, Apple, and Google Play.

If you’re reading this blog, it’s either too late, or there’s still a chance you can back away before clicking download.

I’m a veteran (so to speak) of both GOW and Mobile Strike. I was there from the beginning (first 2 months of life). I watched both games evolve into the blood sucking, money hungry beasts they are today.

“The game was pricey in the beginning, but at least it was fun.”

Now the game is boring, and everything you purchase is devalued in 24-48 hours because another new feature comes out, or they the items in a gold pack are 80% cheaper. Odds are, if you wait 24-48 hours before purchasing, you can spend 80% less that everyone else. However, by that time, another new release has come out. 

The in-app purchases are deceptive, and misleading (as you can see below)

The In-app Purchase are also predatory. They reel you in by telling you a sale is:
“One Time Only”

“24 Hour Access Only”

“Final Chance”

Note that those “24 Hour Access Only” sales in the above pictures lasted for a total of 72 hours. 

Mobile Strike consistently releases new features without any prior notification or adequate testing. 

Twice, this has happened resulting in many players have unfair advantages against thousands of players. I’m talking about attacking with no commander and killing troops of players who can’t even be rallied….I spent about $250.00 due to a glitch trying to fix my account and it still didn’t work (obviously nothing would have helped, it was a glitch in the system.

Although MS reimbursed the troops lost, I still spent money that ended up being wasted, I shouldn’t have needed to spend the money in the first place.

If you think that because you are unhappy, that MZ will give you your money back…You are wrong!

MZ has a no refund policy, in addition they refer you to whatever mobile platform you made the purchase through. This leaves everyone at the mercy of Apple, Amazon, and Google Play, who all have “As-Is,” warranties and say screw you when you’re unhappy.

Also don’t be fooled by their paid for reviews.

Here you can see below, someone is very enthusiastic and is promoting the game as if it were their own, or they are paid for.

I encourage everyone to launch formal complaints against Machine Zone, Apple, Google, and Amazon through your states Attorney General (Consumer Complaint), or the Federal Trade Commission. 

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Justin Hines

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