I paid, I won, I lost, I paid more.

The Game Mobile Strike:

I’ve been playing since nearly the beginning and had been in several different alliances on my way up, and because I spent money and time to get to strength and stayed there for a very long time, I started getting offered r4 and sometimes r5 to join lead alliances- but my choices were always in favor of alliances that helped the noobs progress in the game- I started my own alliance strictly for teaching noobs how to play to win. Now I feel the guilt of being complicit in getting people to spend money on the game/ simply because it was true- in order to win you HAD to spend money.

Someone suggested that letting the noobs grow before attacking them was a ploy to get them hooked first.

But you have to realize while playing the game we’re not thinking about getting people hooked for the sake of MS we’re thinking of letting the Nubes get to power so it’s more of a fair fight trying to be so called honorable in the way we play – along the lines of don’t hit the little guy while he’s down, wait till he stands up, you know?

“To make them think they stand a chance?”

Yeah some of the bigs were spending a grand a week to stay on top and pushing everyone else to stay capable- not to his level of course- just enough for filling rallies and to take over when needed.

And I actually was kinda proud of those who took my advice and exceeded my level and through my connections joined the biggest alliance/ spenders in the state and held their lead there until their real life was about to be zeroed.

We thought it was a joke when they told us they had to wait until they were at work or duck out to the rest room just to play the game. Or how the Mrs. / Mr. didn’t know about the credit cards opened just for the game.

They weren’t joking.

Their spouses started questioning missing money, work, and family time, to the point of actually talking divorce.

I told my alliance that I was single and had a decent job and that was how I could afford the time and money needed to stay relevant in the game. At the expense of real life social contact, $0 savings, thousands of real money gone.

Just gone.

4 thoughts on “I paid, I won, I lost, I paid more.

  1. In the title and article it talked about winning… Even the name of this site refers to winning by calling itself “Pay to Win” but I failed to read about anything that was won or could be won in the game.

    Maybe that’s because you can’t ever win and there is nothing to be won in a Pay 2B Loser scam???

    1. I’ve been game free for 6 months, is there a group like MZ anonymous? Sort of, a text group, people like me and KT, who played the game, spent huge chunks of not so disposable income and- @ IC the Fools, you’re exactly right, there’s NOTHING to win.

  2. I understand this article completely because I was one of the guys who was sneaking on the game while trying to launder the money being spent or, more accurately, wasted on this game.

    I give Epic War credit (but ZERO respect) for creativity in regards to making money. There is no doubt in my mind that they employ addiction experts to help design the game resulting in a compulsion to spend on Mobile Strike that is every bit as strong as a drug addict’s to spend on their habit. I can still picture myself sitting in my car or on my couch like a crackhead, tapping away on my phone to train troops, research, enhance equipment or whatever other gizmo EW came up with to stimulate Dopamine into my Limbic System. (Granted, it wasn’t as if EW was holding a gun to my head to put myself through that but… dealers and tobacco companies don’t do that to their customers either. It’s all about getting them hooked.)

    At the same time I was wasting even more brain power on bullshit stories to cover up the money being spent and dealing with the stress caused by both the game and the cover up. It affected my health, my job performance and my marriage.

    (Granted, it wasn’t as if EW was holding a gun to my head to put myself through that but… dealers and tobacco companies don’t do that to their customers either. It’s all about getting them hooked.)

    Finally, after both an ABSOLUTE final threat of divorce and EW’s greed getting so completely out of hand that they are putting out updates every 24 hours, I have been game free for two months and will never go back. The closest I’ve come is reading all of the reviews and horror stories that are nearly identical to my own while shaking my head at the ridiculous amounts of money (as much as 50,00 dollars/year in one case!) some people are still pumping into EW’s pockets.

    EW and ultimately Machine Zone are at the same level as drug dealers and big tobacco in my opinion. They put out a product that they know is potentially addictive, incredibly expensive and that has shown to be capable of ruining lives. Companies such as these should be under more government scrutiny given the damage they have caused in the name of profit. Sooner or later this is all going to catch up to them and I am looking forward to reading about it one day.

    I thank my wife and EW’s greed that I got my head straightened out when I did. I still have stress in my life but it is a whole lot easier to deal with without the burdens that damned game added.

    If you’re still in that mess, get out while you can. It’s not worth losing the real world.

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