Slight interruption.  To keep the website and initiative moving forward I need a little help this year.  I pay for the site and everything else out of pocket.  This year my finances are not so great.  I still have time to dedicate but will not have the funds to renew the website’s annual renewal.  Please, please donate so we can pay that.  After investing two years of time and money I don’t want to see things end just as change is starting to happen.  To be fair, I may never know the impact of the site and other work I do networking and researching, but not knowing has never been an excuse not to do something.  My time is mine and I give it freely and enthusiastically to move things along, but money is fleeting, and in the end, not mine.  It is owed to pay bills to keep the rent paid etc., and this year income vs bills is day to day.  There is no extra cash to drop 500 bucks on something that isn’t a necessity to the daily bills.

Please contribute to keep the site up, if the goal is not met I will just put the money into another charity.  I am not asking thousands, just the money needed to pay for the site for the next year.


We are a group of gamers that got caught up in the pay to win trap.  We are professionals from all walks of life that have dedicated a portion of our time to this site and the initiative it represents.

What we intend is to educate consumers on what the game developers do to trick them out of vast amounts of money and time.  We also network where possible with law makers to pass on information to help protect consumers.

Our goal is for public awareness and protection from what we see as addictive scams.  Lawmakers are starting to see what is going on, but need information on what occurs, to better understand what needs to happen.  Consumers are starting to be alert, but do not understand the full arsenal of tricks being employed to deceive, addict, and ultimately rip massive amounts of money from their pockets and bank accounts.