The true cost of mobile gaming

See money like most things can be gained and lost but there are other costs that you can never recover. For me some of those costs were my marriage, time spent with my children or not spent for that matter, a few jobs, friends I have lost touch with in the real world and digital world, and even a very special real world relationship that I gave up because I didn’t care enough to put them first like I should have.

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Excuse me boss….

A game just did the, “what where you thinking?” Not sure if everybody was drunk chanting “do it, do it, do it.” Maybe there was somebody saying, “you know this is a really bad idea?” But what ever the case, its laughable and despicable at the same time.

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A Quick Survey

Please help us out with a study.  The following quiz is only three questions.  It is not timed, so please take a moment to understand the responses and questions for accurate results.  Thank you in advance.   Survey is closed but reactivated for review purposes.  Previously a survey taker was stopped from taking the survey […]

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